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Youth Learn-to-Play Hockey

What is Learn-to-Play Hockey?

Learn-to-Play is an instructional level youth hockey program, designed to give kids ages 5-14 the basic skills needed to eventually play in the Salt Lake County Youth Hockey League program.

The Learn-to-Play program follows a curriculum provided by USA Hockey, the governing body for amateur hockey in the United States.

When is Learn-to-Play Hockey?

  • The regular Learn-to-Play program begins in late September and runs in four 8-week semesters throughout the year; fall, winter, spring and summer.
  • Regular Learn-to-Play program classes meet once per week for 45 minutes.
  • New and beginning level players are generally only accepted into semesters 1 and 2 (fall and winter) of the program.  After that point, all new players should sign up for Semester 1B/2B of the program.
  • The semester 1B/2B and 3B segment is a condensed and accelerated version of the regular Learn-to-Play program that runs late March through late May.
  • Each of the 1B/2B and 3B semesters run 2 times per week for 4 weeks.  This version of the program is intended for new players who missed getting into the regular Learn-to-Play program in the fall or winter.  


Learn-to-Play Hockey - Level 3

Level 3 of the Youth Learn-to-Play Hockey program begins on Feb. 25.  Level 3 is intended for players who have attended Levels 1 and/or 2 of the program of the program, and new/beginning level players are generally not accepted.  New/beginning level players should sign up for Spring Level 1 / 2 of the program (see info below).   

 CLICK HERE to view the Level 3 flyer.


LTP Hockey Level 3


Spring Learn-to-Play Goalie Clinic

The Learn-to-Play Goalie Spring Clinic session begins Mon. Feb. 27. This program is for current and prospective Youth League goalies ages 8-14.  New goalies should be competent and experienced skaters, and preferably have completed at least one semester of the Learn-to-Play Hockey program.

CLICK HERE to view the program flyer. 


Spring LTP Goalie Clinic


Learn-to-Play Hockey Spring Level 1 / 2

The Spring session, Level 1 / 2, of the Learn-to-Play Hockey program begins March 20, and runs for 4 weeks through April 13.  This is a condensed and accelerated version of the regular Learn-to-Play program, and is intended for new/beginning level players, who did not start the program in the fall with the regular Semester 1.  Participants in this program should have at least basic skating skills before registering.  Those who do not should first attend at lease one semester of the Learn-to-Skate program. 

CLICK HERE to view the program flyer.


LTP Hockey Spring Level 1 / 2        



Do I need to know how to ice skate to participate?

Basic Ice Skating skills are required for participation in this program.  All beginning level skaters should attend at least one semester of the Learn-to-Skate program before signing up for Learn-to-Play Hockey.


What equipment is required for participation?

Basic hockey equipment is required for participation in the Learn-to-Play Hockey program.  This includes:

* Hockey Skates

* Hockey Helmet / Mask

* Shin Guards

* Elbow Pads

* Hockey Gloves

* Hockey Stick

(The skates and helmet/mask are available for use through the Ice Center Skate Rental Area.  The remaining equipment may be purchased as a discounted package in the Ice Center Pro Shop.) 


CLICK HERE to view the equipment package information flyer.


For more information about the Learn-to-Play program, call Alan Canfield at 385-468-1655, or email at