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County Ice Center

County Ice Center

5201 South Murray Park Lane, Murray UT 84107 • 385 468-1650

Drop-In Hockey


Adult drop-in hockey sessions are times when anyone can come to the Ice Center and play pick-up hockey.  During these sessions, players will typically divide into two teams and play a scrimmage game if there are enough players.  There are no referees present, and players usually do a good job of supervising  themselves. 

The skill levels of players vary widely for these sessions, anywhere from quite novice to quite advanced.  The maximum number of players allowed per session is 30 skaters and 4 goalies.  A session is considered closed when those numbers are reached.  Full hockey equipment is strongly recommended, including helmets and face masks. By USA Hockey rules, players younger than age 18 are required to wear a full hockey equipment, including helmets and face masks.

The following is a schedule and list of age requirements for these sessions:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday11 am - 1 pm
High School Age and Up

Tuesday & Thursday early mornings, 5:45-7:15am           High School Age and Up            

Saturday: 10:15 -11:45 pm   High School Age and Up (This session will run one hour earlier during the summer, from 9:15-10:45pm).

Cost for all sessions: $6.00

Goalies are FREE



Youth drop-in hockey sessions for Mite through Bantam age players (ages 6 - 14) are held when ice time is available, generally during the spring and summer months and during holiday periods (Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas break, etc.).  The times for these sessions may vary, but they normally take place on Saturdays in the late morning and early afternoon. 

Parents are also welcome and encouraged to join their child on the ice during youth drop-in sessions.  The cost is $4 for 1 hour sessions and $6 for 1 1/2 hour sessions.


MARCH & APRIL, 2017: